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Exploring the Region

A brief guide to all the major towns and cities near to Mazamet

Visit the things to do page to find out about more places to visit.

Carcassonne | Albi | Castres | Béziers | Foix

Gaillac | Millau | Montpellier | Narbonne | Perpignan | Revel | Toulouse

The medieval city of CarcassonneCarcassonne

The medieval city of Carcassonne, the only fortified town in Europe still inhabited, is just a 40 minute drive away from Mazamet.

With some 45,000 inhabitants, ‘Carca’ as the locals call it, is actually a city within a city. There is of course ‘Le Cité’ (the ancient fortress), and then there’s The Lower Town, or rather, Bastide Saint Louis. Both offer a host of things to see and do, fabulous shops to browse around, and a vast array of bars and restaurants to refresh.

 Carcassonne  Carcassonne  Carcassonne

The impressive Canal du Midi, classified as World Patrimony by the UNESCO, runs through the centre of The Lower Town.

Join the other 3million plus visitors per year and enjoy all that Carcassonne has to offer – fountains, secret gardens, courtyards, churches, ancient buildings, and delightful narrow streets – each corner a new discovery.

To find out more about Carcassonne, visit:

Carcassonne is 45 km from Mazamet

Aerial view of Albi



Nestled between mountains and the river Tarn, you will find the delightful cathedral city of Albi.

Home to the exquisite gothic architecture of Cathedrale Ste. Cécile, Albi is a city of art and culture. Enjoy magnificent views from the banks of the Tarn or from the 11th Century bridge – the Pont-Vieux. Partake in a stroll through the infamous Toulouse-Lautrec Museum located within the Palais de la Berbie, or wander through the cobbled streets of the old city to discover cloisters, renaissance courtyards and unspoiled architecture.

With its warm climate and some 50,000 inhabitants, Albi is also a great place to enjoy an evening of theatre, dance or opera.

A visit to the Gaillac Vineyards is also well worthwhile and easy to do from the city of Albi.

Albi is 60 km from Mazamet


Béziers, first settled by the Phoenicians, and later an important military post during Roman times, is now populated by some 71,000 inhabitants.

The town was almost completely destroyed back in 1209 during the Albigensian Crusade but has been rebuilt into a truly beautiful place to visit.

Explore the many medieval streets and take time to visit the fortified Cathedral St-Nazaire sitting atop a hill overlooking the town with it’s imposing façade and massive 14th Century rose window.

Béziers is probably best known as the capital of Languedoc wine country. So if you are interested in wines, enjoy the many and varied vineyards which surround the town. Or, if you simply wish to enjoy some wine over a leisurely meal, take a wander down the allées Paul-Riquet – a broad, tree-lined esplanade lined with restaurants and cafes.

Béziers is 85 km from Mazamet


With 135 sporting clubs and 27 rugby & football pitches in Castres, it’s no wonder it was named “the most sporting town in France” in 1997. It is also home to Castres Olympic – one of the top 10 teams in France.

Aside from this, Castres is a very pretty city built around a river on which you can take boat trips in the Summer. It is also the local administrative centre for Mazamet & Castres with an impressive Mairie and other official buildings throughout the centre. It is also home to the wonderful Spanish Art museum, Musee Goya (well worth a visit if you love art).

If you like water and/or if you have children, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Archipel – a truly unique swimming pool complex with both indoor and outdoor areas, combined with slides and activities for all to enjoy. It also features a full size skating rink.


The L’Archipel website:

Castres is 11km from Mazamet


Located at the junction of the rivers Arget and Ariège, Foix is known for it’s battlements and towers – features of the keep of the 15th century Chateau de Foix.

Foix owes much of its history to one Gaston Phoebus – a famous Occitan warrior, politician and poet from the 14th century who was also a governor of Languedoc, and the main liaison between the ambassadors of Spain and England.

With lots of regional specialities, Foix market is well worth a visit. So too is the underground river near the Plantaurel Massif, which is just a few kilometres away and visitable by barge – take in the stalactities, underground waterfalls and many different levels of grotto.

Foix is 110 km from Mazamet

We offer holiday accommodation (vacation accommodation) in Mazamet, France.

We also offer Chambre d'hôte (Bed & Breakfast) accommodation.

Mazamet is in South West France 50km from Carcassonne and 80km from Toulouse.

The Tarn - Office du Tourisme

Mazamet Tourist Office

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